Challenging Behaviours
Challenging Behaviours

Every child is unique and we understand what works for one child might not work for another.

We aim to provide a stimulating service to meet the needs of children with challenging behaviours by understanding the reason behind the behaviours and providing positive outlets for their energy.

Understanding the Why:

  • Look for Triggers: Sometimes challenging behaviour is a way for a child to communicate. We aim to identify what triggers the outbursts. Is it lack of sleep, hunger, certain people, or overwhelming situations?
  • Consider Sensory Needs: Children with sensory processing issues might act out to seek stimulation. We aim to observe if the behaviour is a response to a lack of sensory input (seeking movement, noise) or too much (overstimulation from loud noises, bright lights).

Positive Stimulation Strategies:

  • Physical Activities: We provide opportunities for energetic release through organized sports, free play outdoors, or indoor obstacle courses.
  • Creative Outlets: Art, music, building with blocks, or dramatic play can be great ways for a child to express themselves and channel their energy.
  • Structured Activities: Board games, puzzles, or following a recipe for baking can provide a sense of accomplishment and structure.
  • Calming Activities: For children who are easily overwhelmed, quiet spaces with calming sensory toys (fidget spinners, play dough) or relaxation techniques (deep breathing) can be helpful.

General Tips:

  • Positive Reinforcement: We focus on praising good behaviour and effort rather than punishment for bad behaviour.
  • Clear Communication: We aim to establish clear and consistent expectations for behaviour by using simple language and visuals if needed.
  • Relationship Building: We aim to build trusting and supportive relationships with the child by spending quality time with them, listening to their concerns, and validating their feelings.

We also work with therapists and other professionals specializing in children with behavioural issues.

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