Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

At Rainbow Direct Care our quality assurance policy is not merely a tick box exercise, but a serious commitment by management and staff to work towards quality, safe and secure care services. We believe it is this commitment that has assured our position as a preferred service provider by many individuals, families and local authorities.

We recognise the unique position we are in of caring for vulnerable individuals who need the utmost care and attention. And it is with this in mind that we have put in place measures, systems and procedures that will guarantee that we can achieve our aims and objectives of providing excellent care services whilst ensuring the safety and protection of those we care for.

It has been highlighted in various media reports how individuals have been neglected and mistreated by care staff and it is our priority that our staff treat every individual with care and compassion.

In addition to CQC compliance, we operate an internal Quality System with regular internal and external audits. This helps us identify areas of improvements and adjustments to our service provision.

We have also developed an internal monitoring system “Care Plus” which helps us identify problem areas in our services or staff. This helps us to quickly deal with complaints and issues surrounding your care and forms part of Continued Improvement Initiative to ensure that our services are service, adequate and excellent. All complaints are logged into our system and appointed to a quality manager who will work with you to a satisfactory resolution. This incorporates a Corrective Action Log, Incident Log, Complaints Log and Internal Quality System.

Our compliance audits and reports are available on request and our CQC reports can be viewed on the CQC website.

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