We supply Temporary and Permanent staff to various clients across the UK. We have a large database of candidates who have registered to work with us across the UK.

Our Services Include

  • Short Term Placements
  • Emergency Cover
  • Permanent Placements
  • Outsourced Recruitment
  • Overseas Recruitment
  • Locum Services
  • Evening and Weekend Cover
  • Staff Taxi Service
  • Payroll Services
  • Training and Induction Services

Why Choose Us

  • Honest and fair
  • Fair and competitive rates
  • Tailored recruitment solution
  • Dedicated client liaison team
  • Large pool of candidates UK and overseas
  • Rigorous vetting and screening of candidates
  • Weekly, quarterly catch up meetings/briefings with client liaison team
  • Online portal for job posting, candidate searching and timesheets submission
  • Continual training and development for candidates
  • In-house Quality Management System
  • Monitored Complaints Handling System

Selection, Interview and Registration

All the candidates on our database are CRB checked and cleared, with verified references and other extended check to ensure the safety, security and peace of mind of our clients.

Training and Development

We ensure that the skills, knowledge and know how of our clients is up to date through rigorous screening techniques as well as continual development through training and development.

Our Candidates

We recruit candidates from all walks of life. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and we strive to be fair to all our candidates. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination in our company.

We look for caring, empathetic, hardworking and skills candidates to supply to our clients.  We pride ourselves in having the best candidates in Health and Social Care. We are always working hard to listen to their suggestions, queries and complaints to help us improve the services we provide. We have online candidates profile which you will be able to browse once you have signed up with our services.

Right To Work

We work hard to ensure that the candidates who are on our database have the appropriate permission to live and work in the UK.
Before we register any candidate their details will be checked and verified with the UK Border Agency and copies of their documents retained on our system.

DBS and References

Because of the nature of the work within Health and Social Care and the vulnerability of clients, we carry out extensive pre-employment checks including DBS validity.
In cases of any adverse reports on a DBS candidates will not be registered with us in accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and our own internal policies and procedures. Candidates will only be registered after we have received satisfactory references and address verifications.

All training and educational certificates will be verified with the relevant bodies and institutions.

Agency Worker Regulations

We are compliant with the Agency Worker Regulations of 2011 to ensure that our candidates are entitled to the same pay, holidays, working time, overtime, breaks and rest periods as permanent workers after the qualifying period.

We also ensure that they have access to information about permanent employment opportunities and access to training.
Just before the 12 week qualifying period our client liaison team will be in touch to ensure that any affected candidates can be brought in line with the changes in pay and conditions arising from the Agency Worker Regulations.

Pensions and Statutory Work Payments

We ensure that our candidates have all the necessary information relating to holiday pay, SSP and SMP. Candidates will be entitled to statutory sick pay for qualifying days in accordance with appropriate rate of SSP. This is provided on their payslips in a clear and easy format. Candidates will be referred to a Pension scheme which they can choose to opt in. We will make contributions towards the scheme based on the weekly pay.

Our Charges

Our charges are simple, plain and straight forward. We have to take into effect that we need to pay our candidates a fair wage and other benefits in return for their hard work.
To get up to date charges please get in touch with us.


We have introduced an online timesheet system that simplifies the process of signing of candidate’s shifts and approval. Once you have confirmed a candidates hours we will process their payments usually on the same day. If you prefer paper based timesheet system, kindly let us know during sign up and we can set up the system to suit your requirements.


We operate a simple and clear invoicing system were you are billed only for the services you have received. Please contact our accounts department should you have any invoicing preferences you would like us to adopt.

Getting Started

We aim to get you started and sorted in next to no time. Our terms and conditions are clear, straightforward and concise. Once you are happy all we need is a few details to get you set up on the system.

Depending on your requirements, our dedicated manager will get in touch with you regularly to ensure your requirements are met. You will also have access to our online portal so that you can post jobs, view candidates and lots of other helpful things. We can usually get you setup and send a candidate over to you within a few hours.

Don’t take our word for it. We are running to be the recruitment solution of choice in Health & Social Care. Get in touch with us today for a stress free solution for your recruitment needs.

If you would like to work with us or want us to help you find staff, please get in touch us with to speak to a member of our team members.

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