About Us
About Us

We are one of the UK’s leading care providers. Founded by professional and carers to provide unique, person centred, tailored, cost-effective care and support services.

We value every individual’s wellbeing and this is at the very heart of our service. We believe that the rights of the service user are important and should be respected despite their condition or circumstance.

Service Delivery

Our services range from daily/ weekly assistance with domestic tasks to complex care 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We aim to provide professional, friendly services which improve quality of life, promote independence and empower individuals to make decisions about the care they require.

Our services are designed around the individual and personalised to suit every individual need. This ensures that care and support is directed towards you. We regularly evaluate every care plan to ensure that services and support are adequate and appropriate even in changing circumstances.

From initial consultation you will be appointed with a support worker who is there to work with you and your family throughout your journey as well as help you make any decisions relating to your care and well-being.

Online Care Portal

We utilise an Online Care Portal which records, monitors and tracks every aspect of your care.

Our Staff

We recruit staff with skills that ensure that they are constantly delivering the highest possible levels of care. Staff are regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure that they adhere to our principles of quality care. Staff receive regular training and development so that they are able to deliver excellent care and support standards.

Quality Assurance

We regularly checked and monitored by the CQC and other organisations to ensure that our services are safe and adequate. This also forms part of our quality commitment to delivering the highest possible standards of care and support services. We are committed to providing a high quality, person-centred care and support services in accordance with the Care Quality Commission Standards.

We an initiative service monitoring system “Care+ QMS” which helps us identify problem areas in our services or staff. This helps us to quickly deal with complaints and issues surrounding your care and forms part of Continued Improvement Initiative to ensure that our services are service, adequate and excellent. All complaints are logged into our system and appointed to a quality manager who will work with you to a satisfactory resolution. This incorporates a Corrective Action Log, Incident Log, Complaints Log and Internal Quality System.

You can be rest assured that your voice will heard and every issue will be acted upon.

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