Overseas Recruitment
Overseas Recruitment

We are an independent Recruitment Agency based in the UK specialising in the recruitment, training and placement of Registered Nurses, HealthCare Assistants, Support Workers and Social Workers.

Our success has been built upon constantly working hard to exceed the expectations of both or clients and our candidates.

We pride ourselves in fair and transparent recruitment practices which ensure that you get the most suitable candidate at excellent rates.
We understand how important the candidates we provide are to the success of our business therefore we ensure high standards of staff morale and welfare.

We have been working with some of our clients who are looking to recruit Nurses and Social Workers from overseas.

We identify and recruit nursing staff from overseas who have the necessary skills, qualities and qualifications.

We offer induction, training, relocation and adaption services to the selected nurses.

How It Works

We hold open days at our recruitment centres which provide us the opportunity to meet and engage with candidates who are interested in living and working in the UK.

Our consultants will at this stage identify potential and suitable candidates to place in our database. We look at various criteria such as;

  • Educational Qualifications
  • Employment History
  • Experience
  • Personal Qualities
  • Skills and Other Qualifications

Candidates who are selected at this stage will be asked to take part in several tests and interviews to assess their suitability. These are in line with our client’s requirements to ensure that we have the right calibre of candidates to fulfil your recruiting needs.

Before a candidate is placed onto our database, we will carry out several checks including;

  • Police Clearance
  • Educational Check
  • Certificates Verifications
  • Training and Employment Verification
  • References Verification

Stage 1 Shortlisting

You will be presented with well formatted profiles for candidates on our database based on your criteria. At this stage all the candidates would have undergone vetting and basic selection tests.

You will then be able to shortlist the candidates whom fit your criteria to proceed to the 2nd Stage.

Stage 2: Aptitude Tests

Candidates from Stage 1 will be invited to our recruitment centre to undertake some aptitude tests which are more focussed on your organisation’s requirements and the role for which you are recruiting for.

The process is monitored and recorded live to ensure that candidates do not cheat and there is no collusion.

The tests are then sent to you to assess or you require we can assess them using your submitted marking schemes
Candidates who are successful at this stage are progressed onto Stage 3.

Stage 3: Online Interviews

Candidates will be asked to attend our recruitment centre in Harare where they will an online face to face interview with yourselves.

This will allow you to assess the candidate’s ability and the opportunity to ask any further questions.

Candidates who pass through this stage will be progressed onto Stage 4.

Stage 4: Selection

The candidates who will have reached this stage will have been successful at the selection. This stage involves focussed training and coaching and preparation for working and living in the UK.

The candidates will go through learning about UK culture, law and your organisation. We can also put candidates through your organisation’s induction and any training that they are required to complete.

We will also begin the process of completing their Visa/Work Permit applications. Once complete their travel arrangements will be processed and they can prepare for arrival to the UK.

On Arrival

The candidates will be met by members of our reception team and taken to our welcome centre. Here they will expect to be housed for 2 weeks whilst the final preparations for them to commence employment are finalised.
During this period candidates will have a chance to explore local life, culture and communities to familiarise themselves to the places they will be leaving and working. We will also help the candidates help suitable accommodation that is near to where they will be working and transport links.

If the candidates drive and hold a valid licence, we will also take them through a driving course through our partner driving instructors to help them familiarise with driving and driving laws.

We will also assist them with exchanging their licence for a Full UK driving licence. Candidates who do not have a driving licence and wish to learn can be referred to our partner licensed driving instructor schools.

We also hold welcome parties so that they meet and share the experiences of other candidates who have been on the same journey.

Candidates can also study and take any training as required by your organisation

Induction Week

Once a start date has been finalised, the candidates will be taken to their place of work by our consultants to help them through their first day. A review with the candidate and their line managers will be conducted at the end of the day to find out if it went well and if there is anything that would need to be done.

Working With You

Once we have placed a candidate with you, we do not forget about them or you. We will continually be in touch with you and with the candidates to find out if things are going well.

If there are any issues we try and resolve them. We offer training, counselling and coaching services should they be required by candidates.

Working With The Candidates

We will continually work with the candidates to ensure their welfare and general well-being. We also help them with;

  • Accommodation
  • Driving Licences
  • Training and Courses
  • Bank Accounts and savings
  • Benefits Applications
  • Travelling Back Home for Holidays

Getting Started

If you have any questions or would like to find out how to get started, please get in touch with our Overseas Recruitment team.

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